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Wick Buildings

Wick Buildings offers a variety of pole barn house plans, post-frame builds and pole barn with living quarters in all sectors. The company helps customers find local builders to help make the ordering and assembly process as simple as possible.


Wick has 65+ years of experience with the thought that together, the company and their customers can build something special. The company has decades of experience in engineering and building.

Since 1954, over 75,000 buildings have been created through Wick.

As one of the leading post-frame builders in the United States, the structures feature wood-frame designs with steel panels covering them, or consumers can choose from:

  • Brick
  • Block
  • Other materials

Located in Wisconsin, Wick Buildings offers the following services to their clients:

  • Full design and engineering
  • Fabrication and shipping
  • Construction of the building

Whether you want to have a pole barn with living quarters constructed or you need an animal confinement system, you can have one with the help of Wick Buildings.

What Type Of Buildings Do They Work On?

Wick serves numerous sectors, with pole barn house plans, and additional plans for:

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Equestrian
  • Residential
  • Shouse
  • Suburban buildings
  • Pole barns

Residential consumers often opt for one of two types of houses: a shouse or a pole barn with living quarters.

Wick Shouse

A shouse, or a shop and house, is a building that acts as a shop and house mixed. The building can offer a shop, workspace and living quarters in a single building. The living quarters can be lived in part-time or full-time.

Pole barn home plans meet local building codes and ensure that they’re able to meet all codes for:

  • Egress
  • Lighting
  • Venting
  • Wind loads
  • Snow loads

The building will also meet design codes for energy efficiency, HVSC, plumbing and other local requirements. Since these structures are able to be lived in, they must meet all local codes.

Buildings can be constructed as everything from larger storage spaces to single wing structures and multi-wing buildings. Layouts are completely flexible to allow you to create a structure that best meets your needs.

Interior design is easy because there are no load bearing walls unless you want to have an interior deck added to the second floor, which is the location where most people will put their interior living space.

Porch coverings, vaulted ceilings, state-of-the-art kitchens – they can all be part of the design process.

When it comes to materials, the finest materials possible are used in every building. Lumber is all machine graded to ensure that all of the structure’s structural components meet the highest standards.

The steel used in the design has a minimum PSI hardness of 80,000. Exterior steel components are constructed using G-90 galvanized steel, which protects the material from corrosion. Paint is guaranteed not to crack or chip for 40 years.

Since every building is different, the engineers and architects at Wick Buildings will assist all customers to construct a building that meets their design and functionality needs. Multiple Wick Shouse post frame builds are available.

Wick Pole Barns

Pole barns are a top choice for many would-be customers because they offer a fast, functional build, whether it be for storage or aesthetics, a pole barn can meet your needs. Pole barns can be used for:

  • Cabins
  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Sheds

Post frame builds are buildings that are made with laminated wood columns for the frame and connect to a wooden sidewall grit. The roof utilizes trusses that connect to the building’s purlins to offer a unique system specifically for post-frame buildings.

Wick knows that when it comes to cost, cheap means that quality suffers.

When working Wick, you’ll find that a lot of factors will play a role in the overall cost of the building, including materials, quality and labor. The designer, engineer and architect will work closely with the consumer to specify the project’s scope and help you determine costs early on.

Project size and scale adds to the price, but Wick works closely within the consumer’s budget to find a project to fit inside of your budget. It may be possible to adjust design choices and options to lower costs and better fit into budgets.

Service Area

Wick Buildings offers their services to the following areas:

  • Great Lakes
  • Great Plains
  • Midwest

The company serves over 15 states, with the potential for this figure to increase in the future. While the company will assist you with the engineering of your building, they’ll also connect you with builders in your area to help you finish the building.

Builders can partner with Wick and must undergo a stringent recruitment process.

Only the best builders can work with Wick to ensure that the company is able to maintain the highest level of quality possible. Wick Buildings will assist you from start to finish, with an impeccable level of service and a high attention to detail.

Planning Your Pole Barn Build With Wick

Wick Buildings suggest that every build start with careful planning. The company recommends that you first start with the pole barn style you want to use. Multiple styles are available that include commercial and industrial, residential, shouse, agricultural and equestrian.

Envision the building using the vast galleries of post-frame buildings to find a style and model suited to your needs.

After you have a better understanding of the building that you may want, you’ll want to research and speak to your local planning and/or zoning board. Every building requires you to meet:

  • Building codes
  • Neighborhood requirements
  • Zoning laws

Adhering to local codes ensures that buildings are as well-built and able to maintain the highest level of quality possible. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable building partner, which Wick can often help you with, that will help ensure that all local building codes are met.

You’ll also want to plan the space out with actual dimensions. Consider everything from capacity and access to traffic patterns, equipment that will be used, inventory and even interior space.

The more you plan, the better able Wick will be able to offer a plan to meet your needs.

Wick Buildings offer a construction services warranty and a packages warranty for the building.

In terms of financing, you can work with a number of financing companies recommended by Wick. A few of the companies offering financing include Acorn Finance, New Century Bank, Home Loan Investment and many others.

The companies recommended through Wick are experienced with offering financing for post-frame structures. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced lender ensures that you’re able to obtain the right financing you need for your Wick Buildings.

Wick Buildings’ 65+ years of experience, trusted builder network and team of architects and engineers will help you design and build the right structure for your needs.